Hey there!


I am Chiyenum, a food photographer based in Abuja Nigeria. My work as a food photographer covers both editorial and commercial photography and as a photographer, my mission is to create high quality, beautiful and mouth watering images that not only make my clients happy but also help my clients achieve their business goals- whether it is to tell a unique food story, sell a product/recipe or connect with a particular audience through food.

Where it all began.....

I fell in love with food photography while I was an undergraduate law student at university. I was particularly drawn to the craft because it combined my love for food and the freedom to express m creativity. Studying law was great but food photography was more than great. I made my mom buy me a new DSLR and I began practicing- shooting cake photos for my two cake businesses, shooting for my small food blog and shooting every single meal I cooked- no joke!

After graduating, I tried my hand at other things/jobs. While these things/jobs were good things, I just never had the job satisfaction I craved. I wanted to express my creativity, I wanted to play with food and capture food on a camera. Not just for passive fun or income. I wanted to do it for real, as a job. 

I am here today, living out my dream- expressing my creativity through food while making clients happy by helping them achieve their business goals with high quality food images.

While food photography is the cornerstone of my life, it is not the only thing I live for (I mean that would be overkill)

When I am not pressing my shutter to capture food, I am probably cooking or baking, bingeing on Netflix (fun fact: I have seen every episode of Friends and Brooklyn Nine Nine) , spending time with my family or reading a book (nerd alert!)

I would love to connect with you. You can connect with me and say hello on Instagram or email me at hello@chiyenumogechuku.com. It would be great to hear from you!

Chiyenum xx

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